Demon's Dream (Packin' to Heaven's door) was made during LebGameDev's Quarantine Jam, safely with everyone from home and with hands washed correctly!

Don't be what other expect you to be: be yourself!

Our main character is a little demon, tired of the Hell, its flames and its screams, who dreams to become a little angel. But his roomate, the Devil, doesn't see things the same way! For him, Hell is the best and funniest, and Heaven is crap. After some time, our little demon decides that his time in hell is over: he WILL go to Heaven no matter what.

Help him pack all the stuff written on his list in his little suitcase without being seen by the Devil ! But be careful, the Devil will cross the house, and ask you for things to bring to him. And if he doesn't get them, he will be pretty mad...

How to play?

Note that you can play both directly in the browser and by downloading the game ! You may encounter some sound effect issues with the browser, so do not hesitate to download the game to play it under the best conditions ! 

  • If you play with a controller
    • Left stick to move
    • A to interact with an object
    • SELECT to display the objectives
    • START to pause the game

  • If you play with a keyboard
    • WASD or Arrows to move
    • E to interact with an object
    • A to display the objectives
    • ECHAP to pause the game



Tristan RECORD - Lead programmer & GD
Léo NIMSGERNProgrammer & GD
Clément SABRIE Artist (characters and objects) & GD
Manon V. - Artist (background, UI and effects) & Sound Designer & GD


Unity v.2019.3.0.f6
Kevin Richey for the font (Brown Bag Lunch Font on
Royalty Free Zone - No Copyright Music (YouTube) for: 

               - the in-game Music "Spook 3"
               - the menu Music "Spook 2"
               - the ending/credits music "Spook"


Emmanuel LATASTE on his help for the level design and for cheering the team while working for his own project 

LebGameDev for the organization of this fun game jam

Install instructions

Just download the archive and unzip it with your favorite software (like 7zip or the Forever Free trial version of Winrar)!


Download 31 MB


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Really fun and playful concept! I quite enjoyed trying to get the cute little demon to heaven. 

My biggest gripe is that there seems to be an issue giving the devil his coffee (seems to be the only thing he asks for as well). I grab the coffee and go to him, but nothing seems to happen. Maybe i'm doing something wrong or something isn't clear. I don't know. 

I also think, for such a relatively simple game, it's a little on the short side. Would love to see more of the demon's journey. What happens after he leaves the house? Maybe he tries to get on a train, but conductor refuses to leave unless you pack it with people. Then you get an elevator, but you can't use it, because it's packed with people, so you have to empty it. 

I guess what I'm saying is, this demon is too cute for his journey to end so soon! XD

Anyway, wonderful job and hope to see you in future game jams! :D